Non-Teaching Staff

Sl.No Name of the Non-Teaching Staff Designation Qualification Date of Birth Nature of Appointment Date of Joining Photo
1 Sri E. Vamseedhar A.O. M.A. 17-07-1972 Full Time 05-05-1991 PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE
2 Sri B. Daniel Chandra Babu Librarian M.A.; M.L.I.Sc. 09-06-1961 Full Time 10-02-1987 PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE
3 Sri D. Siva Kumar Junior Assistant cum Computer Operator M.C.A. 05-06-1989 Full Time 05-09-2014 N/A
4 Sri Y. Venkateswarlu Attender 01-01-1970 Full Time 01-07-1997 N/A
5 Sri G. Penchalaiah Gardiner 01-01-1970 Full Time 10-01-2009 N/A
6 Smt G. Ramanamma Scavenger 01-01-1970 Full Time 01-06-2015 N/A
7 Sri N. Rama Chandraiah Gardiner 01-01-1970 Full Time 10-01-2009 N/A